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Module 11 - Sharing Your Project
Mar 17, 2022 12:51 AM
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  • Key / Essential / Unique Design Features that you explored in your project.
    • My building has curtain walls on the entire south facing wall to maximize solar gains, especially in the winter. There are also overhangs over the south facing windows to make sure that there are not too many solar gains in the summer when cooling is a concern.
    • My building features an atrium in the lobby with a large central staircase. This area is very open and has a lot of natural lighting. Also, the large central staircase will encourage people to take the stairs rather than elevator. Additionally, the whole first level of my building is very open as the lobby blends right into the cafe area, and the other rooms can all be accessed from this area. My second and third floors also have all the rooms coming off a central area to make the building seem open.
    • I included a terrace on my third floor and a patio on the first floor coming off of the patio to provide outdoor spaces for people to use.
    • I added a greywater system which redirected the water used from the sinks back to the toilet. This will help reduce the overall water consumption of my exhibition center.
  • Your Big Successes -- what worked very well and what features you're most proud to share as examples to inspire others.
    • I incorporated many passive solar design strategies, such as maximizing south facing windows. Overhangs were also placed over the south facing windows to block some of the summer sun. I also made sure to use smaller windows on the east and west facing sides as there is more direct sunlight from those directions.
    • I added a greywater system to reduce water consumption.
    • I created a very open building layout so that occupants can easily travel between the spaces.
    • I utilized the outdoor space by adding a terrace and patio.
  • Your Big Challenges -- what aspects of the project created the biggest challenges and what would you do differently (in hindsight) to avoid or overcome these challenges.
    • I struggled the most with implemented the structural and HVAC system. My structural system has some clashes with my architectural model with some pillars being somewhat centrally located in the rooms. Also, with the HVAC system, I was only able to implement it on the third floor, and the ducts were placed relatively low which makes the ceilings seem lower. Also, it was difficult routing everything throughout the floor.
    • I also had challenges with my greywater system. I was not able to form three of the connections from the cold water pipes to the greywater supply pipes.
  • Lessons Learned -- what sage words of advice would you share with other students who are embarking on a similar project.
    • Create realistic design goals that you will be able to meet.
    • Keep the future modules in mind when creating the building layout.
      • place bathrooms above one another
      • place mechanical rooms and bathrooms in the center of the building
      • make sure ceilings are higher than you want to accommodate the HVAC system
    • It’s better to focus on a smaller portion of the building when implementing the various systems to gain a deeper understanding of it rather than getting overwhelmed and trying to add it to your entire building.
  • Final Model Names
    • Module10 - Architectural
    • Structural
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing

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