Project Goals, Targets, & Strategies

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Melanie Porras
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Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies
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Jan 21, 2022 11:05 PM
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Mar 15, 2022 11:43 PM

I want the “Sustainable Built Environment Learning and Exhibition Center” to be a center that represents and contains information about sustainable building practices. Therefore, the center should be the epitome of outstanding building performance.

Design Goal 1: Net Zero Site or Source Energy*

*I am unsure because, given the other design goals, I may want to incorporate green roofs which would limit the capacity for solar panels

Measure:  Energy Use Intensity (EUI)


  • minimally acceptable value: for school 33 / office 38 kBtu/ft2yr = 35 kBtu/ft2yr (2022 Zero Code for California)
  • desired / target value: 50% reduction from Code = 18 kBtu/ft2yr


  • Within the design, use orientation, natural lighting, and natural ventilation to minimize energy demand
  • Use renewable energy sources to meet energy demand (on-site or off)
  • Within operations, use smart monitoring and sensors

Design Goal 2: Use Sustainable Materials

Measure:  Volume of material used. Sustainable materials will be defined as materials with 50% embodied carbon than traditional Portland cement concrete


  • minimally acceptable value: 50% is from sustainable materials
  • desired / target value: 90% is from sustainable materials


  • Use locally sourced materials as much as possible
  • Use rammed earth for walls
  • Use more sustainable versions of concrete

Design Goal 3: Positive Human Experience

Measure:  I am unsure how to measure this (UPDATE: I can measure this by measuring the distance to available sunlight).


  • minimally acceptable value: -
  • desired / target value: -


  • Pleasing views of surroundings
  • Access to outside spaces like courtyards or roofs
  • Encourage active movement throughout the building - include bike racks outside

Design Goal 4: Improvement to Environment

Measure: Green Area Ratio (GAR) - the ratio of the weighted value of landscape elements to land area


  • minimally acceptable value: 1.25:1
  • desired / target value: 2:1


  • Build green spaces like green roofs, courtyards, and vertical planting inside
  • Use permeable concrete to enable runoff and the growth of plants in the parking lot and courtyard