Building Envelope System - Edward

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Edward Chen

Envelope Design

This is the baseline scenario:


I then edited the envelope as follows:

  • WWR western walls: ≤ 15%
  • WWR eastern walls: ≤ 15%
  • WWR northern walls: ≤ 65%
  • Wall construction: eliminated the uninsulated case
  • Window glass north, east and west: double low-e and above insulation
  • Window shades east and west: 1/4 window height and above

The resulting average EUI is 51.5 kBtu/sf/yr.


Envelope + Power & Lighting

Next, I edited the following parameters on power and lighting:

  • Plug load efficiency: 1.3 W/sf and below
  • Lighting efficiency: 0.7 W/sf and below
  • Daylighting and occupancy controls

The resulting average EUI is 37.9 kBtu/sf/yr.


Adding PV

On top of the above settings, I specified the following parameters about solar PV:

  • Surface coverage: ≥ 75%
  • Payback limit: 20-30 years
  • PV panel efficiency: ≥ 18.6%

This reduces the average EUI to 2.84 kBtu/sf/yr.


Scenario Comparison