Gabriel Lipkowitz Insight exercise

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gabriel lipkowitz

Your building envelope recommendations for this practice exercise should feature:

  • Your recommended settings for the Insight Factor tiles:
    • 90% PV coverage (very realistic and achievable of course...)
      • I am curious how a glass facade may facilitate indoor PV coverage, i.e. not only having panels on solid surfaces but also on the inside. I know glass is generally an unsustainable building material, especially if combined with steel in the Modernist sense ala Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion, but perhaps the excellent optical transparency of glass may also help, in this case.
    • 30 year payback limit (again, very achievable...)
    • 0.3 W/sq ft energy efficiency (highest)
  • A screenshot from Insight showing the Predicted Mean EUI and the range of values resulting from your assumptions