Building systems and biological organisms - Lainy Ross

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Lainy Ross

Jan 8, 2022 4:11 AM
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Please add to our community thinking by posting a few inspirational analogies of your own between the systems that you typically find in biological organisms and similar systems that we often (or should) find in buildings.

Think creatively about all the systems and features that allow creatures to survive, thrive, and adapt to their environments!

To me, I can think about buildings as a person. Not only do they have structural aspects (skeleton, skin, etc.), they have wiring (neurons, blood flow), aesthetic features (cosmetic features that we accentuate and change in order to make our appearance align with what we want), but I truly believe that any well-designed building has a heart and a soul, just like humans do. Whether that’s the people that occupy the building, the structure itself, what it contains, or a mixture of all of these aspects, I believe that the most important part of the building is its soul, what it’s trying to share and say.