Space Design Guidelines - Lena Bakalian

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Lena Bakalian

For my space design, I thought about the layout of Y2E2 and how the building was designed to allow for lots of light within the interior of the structure as well due to the sun roof in each atrium. When thinking about educational rooms, I plan to keep those bright and airy, as some of my favorite classrooms on campus have a similar feel to them. Conversely, I allocated space for exhibits and conference rooms to be somewhat more interior facing as it is not as crucial for these places to have prime views or direct sunlight.

I gave the welcome center/lobby a substantial amount of square footage because I want that space to flow easily into the cafe area and spill out into the outdoor terrace. These areas all should have a bright and airy feel to them and connect with the outdoors through prime views and patio access near the dining area.