Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas

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Riley Burke
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Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas
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Jan 15, 2022 4:29 AM
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Jan 24, 2022 2:02 AM

Design Inspirations:


Taipei Public Library, Taiwan: wood structure, natural lighting, rainwater capture


The Crystal, UK: unique architecture, natural lighting, rainwater capture


Summer House, Norway: unique architecture, built into landscape, local resources


NREL Research Support Facility, Colorado: net zero, cutting edge technology


Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes, Pennsylvania: net zero, sustainable landscaping, green spaces

Big Design Ideas

My vision for the Sustainable Built Environment Learning and Exhibition Center combines both a modern and natural aesthetic while not sacrificing energy efficiency or sustainability. I would also like to approach this project from a cradle to grave mindset by utilizing renewable materials such as timber and constructing the building in a way that does not disturb the natural landscape. This project will also have a huge emphasis on local resources ranging from the building materials to the green spaces. I would like the green spaces to include plants and trees native to the location of the building. In regards to the energy efficiency of the building, the main priority would be to achieve net zero classification and capitalize on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Innovative Building/System Features

-rainwater capture

-local, renewable materials

-timber structure

-solar PV


-large open atrium/green space

-100% electric