Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas

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Sage Crosby
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Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas
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Jan 15, 2022 4:31 AM
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Jan 24, 2022 2:03 AM

One of my big design ideas at this point is an atrium to allow for a central gathering place connecting the whole building as well as lots of natural lighting throughout the building. My first inspiration is the Cleveland Museum of Art:


Another inspiration is the Hankook Technoplex in Seoul:


The space feels very open and inviting, which are characteristics I want to bring to my project. The floors spiraling around the atrium also creates an intriguing visual at the ground floor.

Another main design idea is a green roof or roof garden. This will help encourage sustainability by capturing excess stormwater and potentially using it as a way to teach sustainable gardening as well as adding a visually striking element. However, this also presents a structural challenge due to the weight this adds to the roof. My first inspiration is the California Academy of Sciences:


My second inspiration for this is this rooftop flower farm on an apartment building in Berkeley: