Plumbing Systems

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Srećko Ćurković
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Module 10 - Plumbing Systems
Mar 18, 2022 9:10 PM
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Mar 22, 2022 6:09 PM

Some descriptions/characteristics of my plumbing system:

  • I wasn’t able to find the CEE 120B/220B Revit library with restroom partitions so I used furniture partitions in my architectural model.
  • Due to the layout of my two restrooms on each floor, I don’t think there is a need for double interior walls between them since all plumbing fixtures should fit within individual walls. This however meant that I needed to add some extra piping which could have been avoided if my restroom layout was different.
  • My piping system goes around about 3/4 of perimeter of each restroom, and pipes end in the mechanical room. I added sanitary, hot water, and cold water pipes. Sanitary pipes are sloped and are 1’ below floor level. Hot water and cold water pipes are offset by 4’ and 5’ from the floor level respectively, and they are embedded into interior walls. I made sure that the wall thickness is larger than pipe diameter. Also for the pipes going through the exterior wall, I made sure they won’t be clashing with the columns.
  • My fixtures include toilets, urinals, and sinks. I didn’t have much trouble connecting them to the pipes. Most of the time automatic connections worked fine, but for some sanitary pipes, I had to “help” the automatic tool find the best way to route the pipes, as discussed in the lecture.
  • Plumbing system is the same on both floors. I connected sanitary pipes between the two floors, so that everything can drain to the lower level.
  • At this stage the model is missing the pumps for hot and cold water, i.e., the pipes end in the mechanical room and are not connected to anything else.
  • Looking at the coordination views it seems that there aren’t many problematic clashes between piping and other systems. Some pipes clash with floors as they go through them. One issue is that there is at least one clash between pipes and beams, as sanitary pipes are sloped and go through the floor.