Design Journal Entry - Module 8

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Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems
Feb 27, 2023 10:54 PM
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Abigail May Andrews
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Mar 10, 2023 10:50 PM

  • your overall strategy and the features of the structural system:

I am interested in mass timber and would like to incorporate as much wood as possible in my building. I would like a semi-hidden framing system. There can be a few exposed columns and would like the columns jutting out of the wall. However I would not like to have a maze of columns. Therefore I attempted to align the framing with the walls and left 3-4 exposed columns in exhibit space per floor. The largest structural challenge was the curtain wall. I added columns against the curtain wall but expect that these would likely instead be modeled as structural mullions.

  • the locations of structural columns and major framing elements
  • any special structural challenges