Design Journal - Module 10 - Plumbing Systems

Journal Entry For
Module 10 - Plumbing Systems

My Plumbing System Elements:

My plumbing system elements are fairly simple. I chose 1.6 gpf water closets in order to be water conscious, as well as wall-mounted for easy cleaning. For the urinals, I went with the 3/4” again to be water conscious as well as wall-mounted.

For my layout, I chose to have my restrooms for each floor stacked on top of each other so that the piping systems can be easily installed and travel vertically and the layout can be replicated.


My Piping Systems:

Again, the piping systems are fairly simple. We have the domestic hot and cold water and then sanitary piping. The hot and cold water is running to the sinks, cold water running to the water closets and urinals, and then sanitary piping running from all of the sinks, water closets, and urinals.

The main lines I chose to be larger in size, all running 6” in diameter while the branch lines are 2” in diameter.


My Challenges:

My first challenges was that I didn’t have any open wall space for the piping between my two restrooms. What I did to remedy this was go back to my architectural model and add an additional wall and moved those two walls out to provide spacing for the piping within the restroom.

Another challenge that I did not account for which I am still not sure how to add into my building but I will take into account for next time I am designing a building is having space for main risers nearby the restroom. They are currently sitting right outside the restroom as I did not account for a special space to hide them. I think I might design some sort of shaft in my architectural model to cover them up.

Another challenge I came across was getting the proper slope with my sanitary pipe in order to connect all of the urinals and wash closets. They are a little wonky and not quite aligned because I had to play around with them in order to get them to all connect.

My final challenge (wow I had a lot) was for some reason my sinks ended up on the floor and I couldn’t figure out how to change the elevation on them? It took me a while to get that figured out.