Design Module 8 - Structural Framing

Journal Entry For
Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems

Overall Strategy & Features:

For my structural framing system, I wanted to go for a more industrial, open look for my building. I am still playing with whether or not I want to have ceilings, but I am leaning towards having enclosed ceilings in the offices and smaller spaces, and having it be open in the larger exhibition spaces, where you would also see the exposed structural framing. The plan was to have wood beams in the exposed areas so that it looks a bit more aesthetic rather than the steel beams. I am using structural steel since that is what is typically used in a commercial building. Since my building uses a lot of curtainwall, I do want to avoid having the columns visible so I want to try and place them in more conspicuous places.

Materials & Framing System:

I will be using a structural steel framing system. For materials, I am using:

  • W10X33 Steel Columns
  • W12x26 Steel Beams
  • 6.75x33 Glulam - Southern Pine Beams
  • 6” Concrete Structural Floors
  • 4”x4” Isolated Footings

Location & Major Framing Elements:

My strategy was first to outline the building with the columns, then work my way in. I placed the columns in a way that I could create a pattern, and then referenced my building to see what areas I needed to build up for the structural framing since certain areas were higher than one level. I didn’t want to mess with any diagonal lines so I worked in square/rectangular patterns to align with the gridlines and existing rooms.


Structural Challenges:

The biggest structural challenge for me was my slanted roof, but going through the videos on Canvas made it easy to digest and tackle the problem. Another challenge for me was that I have a few places where I have differing heights for the roofs, so that was a bit difficult for me to figure out how/where to place the beams and columns but I was able to figure out after some trial and error.

I am definitely going to need to go back and move some things around because I just know that there will be some issues of columns and beams clashing with rooms, hallways, and certain areas. I tried my best to stay out of the way, but I know that I will run into a few issues.