Biological Process Analogies

Biological Process Analogies

Jan 12, 2023 6:56 PM

There are a few analogies that I can think of when relating buildings to biological organisms and processes.

1) The building HVAC system is similar to our respiratory system within our body, providing airflow (or oxygen) to needed areas in the body. AHUs might be your lungs, producing or grabbing the outside air, and the ductwork system is similar to your veins, capillaries, and red blood cells as they distribute oxygen all throughout your body.

2) Gas, electricity, or the principle of using some sort of fuel to power a building is similar to us consuming food in order to power ourselves. We “fuel” ourselves with nutrients through consuming food, and by doing so, we are able to perform numerous physical and mental tasks. The same goes for powering a building. A building may be powered by electricity, gas, hydrogen, or some other form of energy. Through that “fuel”, the building as able to perform many different functions such as provide lighting, internet, elevators, escalators, kitchens, etc.

3) A building also can generally be compared to a human body. As mentioned before, the HVAC system acts as lungs, your “walls” act are your skin, and the many biological processes within your body act as the different MEP systems. As with routine doctor check-ups to maintain your health, buildings must also be maintained in order to continue functioning properly. Upgrades may be needed throughout the years, either a structural retrofit, or a knee replacement.