Great Exhibition Spaces

Great Exhibition Spaces

Jan 12, 2023 7:17 PM

There’s a few exhibition spaces/museums I have been to that I really enjoyed recently:

1) Museo Soumaya - Mexico City

I really enjoyed this exhibition space as the outside was an architectural masterpiece, and the inside had multiple levels of different types of art. It was clean, spacious, and white which made appreciating and viewing the artwork enjoyable. It also had a circular flow of viewing the art so it made it natural to continue walking in a circular up to the top floor as opposed to zigzagging all over the place. I’ve been to museums where they are overcrowded, the lighting is bad, or its a maze to navigate, so this one was very enjoyable to me.

2) Chihuly Garden, Seattle

I really enjoyed this space. The artwork (glass) was beautiful, the space was clean and crisp, and it even incorporated an outdoor element which I really liked. Not only did it have your typical art gallery/museum inside, but it had an outdoor garden of actual plants and trees, as well as artwork interspersed between. That was really enjoyable to me, as it was really cool to see nature intertwined with a product of human activity.

My key takeaways for exhibition spaces is making sure they have proper walking circulation, they’re generally lighter colors in order to appreciate the elements being presented, lighting compliments the elements, the space has a clean, minimalist design, and that they are not overcrowded/congested with people.