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Module 9 - HVAC Systems
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Feb 26, 2024 7:58 AM
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Mar 13, 2024 11:15 AM
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Jie Shen

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My building is currently solely based on air transport systems because it’s easier to get cooling and heating this way and I might later consider implementing fluid transport system for some spaces as well because that might be more efficient.

I leave my stairway, elevator, mechanical rooms and storage rooms, etc. to be unconditioned zones.

I place decentralized air handlers in mechanical rooms of each floor. There is 1 mechanical room on each floor for floor 1 and 2, and there are 2 mechanical rooms on each floor for floor 3 and 4. Unlike other air handlers which are indoor, the air handler for my fifth floor will be a rooftop one because it’s unusual to have a mechanical room inside a cafe. The branch duct for each floor has a size of 24’’ * 24’’ because there will be a cumulative maximum of 4000 cfm for each air handler. I use 9’’ * 9’’ smaller ducts that connect to each air terminal, which has a flowrate of 500 cfm.

For elevation of my air terminals, I set the middle elevation to be 13’ because the elevation for each floor is 15’, and the elevation for ducts are 13’ 6’’.

One problem I encountered is that I couldn’t find an appropriate space type for my greenhouse on the sixth floor, therefore, the calculated airflow rate is very high while I expected it to be low because less ventilation can result in higher CO2 concentration, which benefits plants’ photosynthesis process. So I will need some help on rectifying the space type of sixth floor. Also, the airflow rate for my cafe dining area on the fifth floor is also too high even though I was able to find the space type “dining area”.

HVAC file link: https://acc.autodesk.com/docs/files/projects/cbef7261-4ed5-4dad-99c1-e2a751c74519?folderUrn=urn%3Aadsk.wipprod%3Afs.folder%3Aco.uiVhgp26TECt0ZP0q6geNA&entityId=urn%3Aadsk.wipprod%3Adm.lineage%3AxSIjByurRriGnsH-T-Op8Q&viewModel=detail&moduleId=folders

Architectural file: https://acc.autodesk.com/docs/files/projects/cbef7261-4ed5-4dad-99c1-e2a751c74519?folderUrn=urn%3Aadsk.wipprod%3Afs.folder%3Aco.uiVhgp26TECt0ZP0q6geNA&entityId=urn%3Aadsk.wipprod%3Adm.lineage%3AGjKofnX-RCWypMi4I68cOg&viewModel=detail&moduleId=folders

Structural file: https://acc.autodesk.com/docs/files/projects/cbef7261-4ed5-4dad-99c1-e2a751c74519?folderUrn=urn%3Aadsk.wipprod%3Afs.folder%3Aco.uiVhgp26TECt0ZP0q6geNA&entityId=urn%3Aadsk.wipprod%3Adm.lineage%3AvtzsgQWJSY-UO91WjMGvrQ&viewModel=detail&moduleId=folders