Jose Alan Perez

Jan 11, 2024 10:18 PM

I really like the analogy of buildings imitating the same features of a human body. Some analogies not mentioned in the intro where sight, heart, and the connection to other biological organisms. These are a few analogies I see neglected in many buildings.

  1. Sight:
  2. A very common element in buildings are the windows and even open atriums that allow for visible light to come in. Although the purpose is to bring in light, it is important that windows allow for the users to see the building beyond the walls. Windows, much like eye sight, allows us to see the exterior world and see the world through the perspective of the building.

  3. Heart:
  4. The heart is representative of many definition but I want to target the idea of being the core of the body. The heart is the pump that moves the body. In a similar way, I feel that the idea of common areas or areas that large groups of people is something neglected in buildings. These area often help users connect with the building and create an outlet for productivity.

  5. Connection:
  6. Another idea is how buildings connect to other buildings. This is definitely a new exploration of making buildings but I connect it to how organisms rely on other organisms to live. I feel that the same way we can make a brain for a building, we can help create an interactive process between buildings and stop treating buildings as independent. I choose Y2E2 as an example to taking those first steps to establish this principle.