Matt Ma

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Jan 12, 2024 10:23 PM

Please add to our community thinking by posting a few inspirational analogies of your own between the systems that you typically find in biological organisms and similar systems that we often (or should) find in buildings.

Think creatively about all the systems and features that allow creatures to survive, thrive, and adapt to their environments!

I think the constitution of building systems is immensely similar to the systems in biological organisms. The following are several analogies that came to mind:

Skeleton (organism) vs. Structural framework (building)

  • The skeleton, or the bones, is one of the most crucial components in our body bearing the weights of the other organs as the result of gravity. Without healthy and sturdy bones, our body cannot afford to carry out intense exercise for an extended period of time. Similarly, a building designed with subpar structural framework and materials will also not be able to withstand the impact of serious natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Skin (organism) vs Exterior Facade (Building)

  • As we know, the skin is the first layer of barrier that protects us from the outside world. Its function can prominently defend our body from the majority of threats and leave only a small fraction of the threats for the immune system to fight against. Similarly, the exterior facade of the building can protect us from the rains, strong gusts of winds, snow, etc. so people working inside the building can be provided with a cozy environment to work in.

Temperature regulatory system (organism) vs. HVAC systems (building)

  • Within a certain degree of alternation in temperatures, our body is able to adjust and adapt to the surroundings and will attempt to maintain around 37 degrees Celsius to allow the other interior organs in our body to function properly. Similarly, the HVAC systems in the building will also serve their purpose in terms of adjusting the room temperature to a desirable level so people inside that building can still assume with work or leisure without worrying about the extreme heat or breeze outside of the building.