Fondation Louis Vuitton and Grace Farms River Building

Jan 22, 2024 1:33 AM
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Juan Bautista Romaniuk

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The first building (First two pictures) that I wanted to highlight is the Fondation Louis Vuitton near Paris, France. Personally, exhibition centers have to encourage flow to and from every place and in different directions, and so one key is that it should have distinct, almost asymmetric section that unite in one coherent composition. Every section and layout of the center should be unique in at least one way to incentivize visitors to keep moving to different places. This building definitely achieves that, with no repeating structures which allows the visitor to explore and discover new layouts as they advance through the center.

The second building is the Grace Farms River Building in Connecticut. In addition to the features found in the Louis Vuitton building, the Grace Farms River Building does an even better job in connecting yourself to nature. Exposure to your surroundings, especially as it relates to nature, makes you slow down and become more aware of the elements near you, which is great for an exhibition center. Having a not so tall/dense building also blurs the line of what is built and what is natural as well. Also, wide open spaces allows for even more time to walk around keep one grounded, and the River Building is a prime example of this.