Claire Smythe

Journal Entry For
Module 9 - HVAC Systems

Overview of Heating/Cooling Strategy

The many southern-facing windows means the cooling load is higher than it would be with insulated walls. This also means in cooler months, there is more heating provided by the radiant heat of the sun. My design focuses on including natural ventilation, as well as more emphasis on building heating systems since this area tends to run cold/windy.

From UCLA Climate Consultant Tool:


I can see here that heating, solar heat gain, and internal heat gain are some of the largest contributors to a comfortable indoor climate.

Space Schedule for Building

Shown with calculations for heating/cooling and supply air.


HVAC Path and general layout:

Each floor has its own air handler with air supply and return for each room. Each diffuser is 500 cfm. The current air handler has 6000cfm capabilities which means the each floor should have enough airflow. The multiple diffusers per room insure that airflow isn't disruptive. Duct size is 16" x 14".


Floor 1:


Floor 2: