Sandro Boaro

Journal Entry For
Module 9 - HVAC Systems

Overall Strategy:

My goal for the HVAC systems was to create zones that would mitigate the required amount of ducts passing through the space overall. I have two symmetrical wings and three 'campuses' on my building and it proved to be a very difficult task to do.

HVAC Summary:


Already I can tell that the space has a much higher cooling problem rather than a heating problem. As such, I will need to approach the cooling loads with a very cautious approach. I am going to have to make sure all windows and doors are not adversely affecting my design. I have pointed out key areas below that support this.

Corridors and Fishbowl Entrance: Alarming Data:


I was completely surprised on how much having a curtain wall enclosure truly impacted the heating of the space considering the fishbowl does face a very high irradiance zone relative to the Sammamish Area.

Another Area of High Interest is my Southern most Wing:


I have symmetric features of curtain walls and curtain wall doors leading into the space. it looks like the majority of my losses comes from these doors. Now, they are automatic sliding doors which may play the large part in these losses. Sliding doors means more air changes per hour and leads to a higher heating demand. I will have to re run the analysis with more efficient doors, walls, and windows alike.

Psychometric Analysis:


Heating and Cooling Temperature Range

Unfortunately, a large amount of heating will be required to keep this location in the majority region of thermal comfort. In other words, over 52.9% of the hours per year is required to heat the space!