Bryant Huang

Journal Entry For
Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas

For this project, I'm interested and inspired to create an exhibition space that models sustainable design both in the structure itself and for its occupants. Oftentimes, greater focus is placed on the former, but I believe the latter is equally as important. I am also interested in renewable and sustainable energy resources.

Some big ideas I would like to incorporate along the lines of my interests is to have a permanent exhibition centered around renewable and sustainable energy resources that displays current technology and their projections of technological advancement. This would be complemented by another permanent exhibition centered around personal health, well-being and sustainability.

For design inspiration, I am looking towards performance spaces, in part because I am a classical double bassist. Specifically, there are two performance halls that are leading my inspiration: the Oslo Opera House in Oslo, Norway and and Elbephilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany. I am inspired by how these structures are in conversation with their environment, which is something I am motivated to explore with this project.


Some system features I am considering are renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and possibly an on site wind turbine, and finding/creating systems to take advantage of natural lighting. I also want to consider how integrating the building with the environment can help regulate the indoor temperature to minimize the use of heating and cooling systems.