Charlie Ekstrom

Journal Entry For
Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas
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My initial thoughts began with thoughts on experimenting with materiality, and finding a form that embraces a sense of naturality.

My building goals are to look into shape, and play with texture (I.e. maybe find a more natural/curved space or texture a geometric shape with natural materiality). In the dive into materiality, I want the space to play with transparency, fading in and out with levels of transparency, to opacity, to complete coverage. I would like the materials to be locally sourced as well, so as to create a more efficient mode of production and reduce material transportation cost and energy spending.

I would also like the design to focus on a sense of engagement with the surrounding environment. This would be done by emphasizing a large amount and usage of natural light, and potentially look into a play on the acoustics of the space as well.