Corinne Charlton

Journal Entry For
Module 5/6 - Building Layout & Circulation Systems
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  • Space Budget — a list that identifies the functions and dimensions of all the programmed spaces in proposed design.
  • (will continue to update this journal throughout my design process)


  • Building Layout — a sketch or bubble diagram that shows the spaces proposed design with the connections between them as well as connections to exterior spaces.
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  • Building Model:
    1. image

      I based my design off the Y2E2 floor plans that were provided in the module because I liked the way it organized the circulation systems with usable and buildable dynamics. I like the consistency between floors with stairways, restrooms and elevators. I also like the flow of the classroom and office spaces, which I plan on adapting for new uses in my exhibition.

      (I am having trouble with my space tags, even after downloading and importing the "# of people" tag from the module)

    2. I plan for the lobby space to be the "center of the two L's"
    3. I plan for the bottom half of the diagram to represent space allocated to meetings/offices /classrooms
    4. I plan for the upper part of the diagram to be the exhibits
    5. I plan for the second floor to have a cafe, dining area, kids zone and terrace.
    6. I am still taking into consideration these proposed designs and building codes the from the modules....