Dagny Carlsson

Journal Entry For
Module 5/6 - Building Layout & Circulation Systems

Link to priority/space budget - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l7XvgDMKTmyukyMVSR5GCKEBYGDpqbunZWSgqDRgVB8/edit?usp=sharing

Link to BIM: https://docs.b360.autodesk.com/projects/29ac45db-c6c1-4d0f-80d7-10be716924af/folders/urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.folder:co.Sof07TQETHCJj2OkjSJ1fA/documents/urn:adsk.wipprod:dm.lineage:-NpDTa90RmqIQr1pXOK1PA


I think, based on the discussion about floor plan/levels and efficiency, I have decided to make my design two levels and instead increase the size of the footprint. This is reflected in my drawings and design, and will help my building to be more efficient and more 'walkable' (since tall buildings either have a lot of stairs or a longer elevator ride).

Designing the layout on Revit really helped me to visualize the size of the building and exactly how large I was designing, since it was hard to put into perspective in my diagrams and drawings. I had never really captured exactly how large it would need to be. I was able to reformulate how large everything should be, but I think I still need more perspective and to adjust my exhibition spaces and offices accordingly, because I think some spaces are still too large. It is close to my planned budget, but not exact.