Joshua Dimasaka
Joshua Dimasaka

Joshua Dimasaka

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Module 5/6 - Building Layout & Circulation Systems

Space Budget

Bubble Diagram


Revit File in BIM 360

  • the overall building layout
    • As shown in the pictures below, it follows the shape of Banaue Rice Terraces. I would probably need to recreate and reshape the current envelope in the schematic design (i.e. extrude vertically, not loft inclined) because it's very hard for architectural requirements such as toilets to follow the sloping feature.
    • image
  • the locations of the entrances, exits, and circulation elements
    • There are fire exits at the back of each floor. The front view only has a big entrance door on the ground floor. The core between the two elevator shaft systems is for the natural lighting system. The ground floor will serve as a shared workspace for visitors and employees.
  • the locations of the building cores
    • I have two cores that are oriented in such a way that its stronger axis of the moment of inertia is along the weaker axis of the entire building globally. This is to balance the transfer of lateral forces through the core and connected structural elements such as girders.
    • Basis: I = 1/12 * bd^3
  • BIM360 Link:
  • BIM 360 Revit Model (Schematic Design)
    The color in the Revit model below follows the color assignments in the bubble diagram. For example, the big red box on the ground floor is for the conference auditorium,