Kevin Lamp

Journal Entry For
Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

The Inspiration for the pillar setup comes from the old town of Tallinn in Estonia. Since I'm building my gallery space on an island not far off, ideally, it would resemble a modern approach to the classic old capital style.

As for my model, one of my design goals is to have good thermal comfort due to the harsh, cold climate of Estonia. With this, I took in mind the path of the sun and applied windows in positions that could utilize the light and warmth it provides. With the materials revit provides, I used ones that would make the most sense with this type of climate. For example, having high R-values and good insulation were prioritized here. I tried to stray away from having large overhangs because the additional shade would take away from what I am trying to present within my lighting. I haven't yet decided on my roof design yet, and will likely add skylighting+a glass roof over my atrium space because the effect could be extremely positive on the overall outlook of my model. There is also good potential for green space around this glass roof and in the courtyard as well. The windows that surround my office spaces are purposefully designed as double casings because it will be easy to add interior shading elements for the sunny summer days. Lastly, the wall materials revit provided me are terrible, and so right now I have the generic exterior walls. However, I would like to utilize some form of cobblestone or brick layout similar to the photo below. These materials have great insulation properties which will help with the overall proposed EUI.