Sandro Boaro

Journal Entry For
Module 5/6 - Building Layout & Circulation Systems

Link to space budget sheet: Click Here

Drawing Bubble PDF:

Design Space Outline.pdf1456.2KB

Revit 3D Model: Click Here

Remarks on Space Design:

With such a unique building shape with unique angles, I struggled quite a bit having to work with the my building and design usable spaces. I ultimately had to simplify my model by reducing the exaggerated angles on the sides of my buildings.

I was challenged with the actual locations of elevators and stairs throughout the whole building. I ended up deciding against having stairs in favor of having elevators instead. I was attempting to model stairs within the building but I did not like having to carve out extra space for a stair if it meant cutting exhibition space. Additionally, I presumed that the lack of stairs forced people to walk admire the space and the people while waiting for service. I may end up changing this later.

I loved getting to draw up what the terrarium space would turn out to be. I imagined the cylindrical building in between the two wings of the center as a place where stairs was necessary. I imagine the space an interactive glass bottle where the ascent up the venue meant further interaction with the exhibition center's exterior. I will need to try and plan out the dining hall space as it was a spur of the moment addition but unclear as to the exact direction.

Exits and Entrances:

I found myself challenged by the addition of doorways leading into and out of curtain walls. I am in need of some further assistance to get the exact framing and door adjustments to bring my vision to life.

Either way, my idea with the center was to have curtain wall highlight the interior cove the two building create while also playing to the view of Lake Sammamish. That said, my building envelope will be in need of some efficient curtain wall units.

The transitions between the two buildings will be an intersection between grassy, gravel, and cement paths as if it were a giant campus.