Kevin Lamp

Journal Entry For
Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas

After engaging in 120a and building on my knowledge of architecture, there are a few topics in particular that I feel motivated to explore.

  • The first is sustainability and green architecture. I was in the pilot landscape architecture class last quarter and feel that there are many paths to delve into with this. However, we merely only learned about the field rather than incorporate it into our work. I would love to take some of the concepts I learned and push the boundaries of what I can create on bim.
  • Another I want to really explore focus on and explore is efficiency. What I mean by this, is constructing a building that can maximize components such as natural light, plumbing systems, electrical, and ventilation to help push my building towards better sustainability.
  • Lastly, in the 120a class, I really enjoyed working with and exploring the structural model of our office buildings. This is something that really interests me and one that I may want to focus my studies on even. Looking for innovative ideas that push my creative limits here and the rest of my bullet points is what I want to come out with in this class.