Sandro Boaro

Journal Entry For
Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas

For my design, I was really intrigued by a potential to have a space be known for polarizing reasons. In fact, I actually got a kick from the commercials of Left and Right Twix that pushed me to the design I chose.

I really like how the brain is divided into two sectors that represent area of thinking unique from the other. The right brain is the expressionist. The left brain is logistical analyst. They both handle their own but cannot be separated from the other. With that, I created Project I.R.I.S ( The exact meaning the the acronym is currently tbd).

Anyway, I want to creat a vast brain-shaped exhibition center where people are transported through the eyes of a human being. The whole building is a dome split in half in accordance to the split in the brain of the ideas. The left side of the building will be dedicated to the exploration of sciences and math. Hands on scientific experiments and demonstrations on all things stem. The right side will be the creation room. I envision massive open spaces with creative works splatter throughout the ceiling, rooms, and conference areas.

The whole space needs to be visually identical structurally but artistically separated. I want the spaces so radical that people can only playfully argue which side of the center they like, thus fostering a community involvement with the idea of the exhibit while the exhibit itself serves its own purpose.

I love open trusses. The structure will mostly be steel outlined with trusses and visually stimulating ironworks. I want it to be housed in a dome-like exterior that can feed into the spaces exterior appeal without giving away the interior to the everyday bystander.

As far as location, I have yet to decide where to go with it. I imagine the center will be integrated with a suburban area of the cities outskirts such that people can really spend time beyond the center enjoying their time.

I am still pretty new at sketching electronically so I’ll ask you to please look at them as rough ROUGH sketches. Thank you!