Solomon Kim

Journal Entry For
Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies

Design Goal #1: create an experience centered around virtual reality as well as other technological innovations to enhance the virtual reality experience, build empathy around climate change and incorporate work that the Virtual Human Interaction Lab is doing to enhance empathy

Measure: the change in people's opinion before the experience and after the experience

Targets: minimum: virtual reality experience without physical enhancement

maximum: vr experience in addition with physical enhancements, ie wind blowing


  1. try to build a spherical building complex that feels 360 esque
  2. have a moving/shaking floor to emulate the instability of natural disasters caused by climate change
  3. incorporate wind technology to feel like your really present

Design Goal #2: I would also like to explore a fully sustainable building that is completely green from an energy standpoint

Targets: emit 0 CO2 emissions


  1. utilize solar panels
  2. use natural cooling/heating with HVAC tech
  3. build a long term battery storage plan, explore battery that startup Form Energy is working on

Design Goal #3: be as water conservant as possible

Target: use as little water as possible


  1. build some sort of system to collect rainwater and utilize it
  2. Try to implement a desalinization system depending on where building is located?
  3. construct a garden and use plants that are least water consuming