Stephanie Gady

Journal Entry For
Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas

Design goals I'd like to explore:

  • Sustainability for low-income housing
    • How can sustainable housing be seen as something for everyone in the US? (Not just wealthy people)
    • How can sustainable structures reduce overall lifecycle cost? In construction, how does choosing sustainable materials and low-waste construction strategies save time and cut costs? In energy use, how can energy-efficient structures make use more affordable in housing and otherwise?
  • Sustainability and the LEED rating system
    • I just passed the LEED Green Associate exam a few months ago, so designing a LEED structure (even if for a class and not in industry) is something I'd really like to do
    • How easy is it to design a structure to achieve a LEED certification (Gold, silver, platinum, etc.)?
    • How sustainable are LEED structures really? If a home is designed to LEED silver standards, for instance, how much money will that structure have saved over its lifetime than a similar structure with just a few energy-efficient features?