Dagny Carlsson

Journal Entry For
Module 10 - Plumbing Systems

So, this module was interesting because I had neglected to model mechanical spaces accurately (or sufficiently large) and I was forced to determine where to place them. I also had not designed my building so that restrooms were symmetrical/close, so this presented challenges when attempting to efficiently model plumbing. From a design standpoint, it is interesting that my building is not symmetric, but it required additional work for me this week. Here is what I ended up getting to work:

Womens' restroom on the second floor.
Womens' restroom on the second floor.

I did end up getting to model this plumbing system well and accurately for a single restroom, which included an ADA compliant wheelchair accessible stall. What I learned is that foresight, particularly with regard to plumbing and mechanical elements, can save you a lot of trouble in the long run, especially because a lot of my Revit time this week was dedicated to reconfiguring bathroom spaces in order to ensure that all my plumbing would be possible.