Dimpy Sanduja

Your Design Journal entries this week should highlight your design thinking and process in modeling:

  • your plumbing system elements
  • your piping systems
  • any special plumbing system challenges that you encountered and how you overcame them

Plumbing system elements are:

  • Lavatory Sinks
  • Water closets
  • Urinals

Piping systems are:

  • Cold Water Pipe
  • Hot Water Pipe
  • Sanitary Pipe


In my design the toilets are stacked so this tasks is easier for me to copy the plumbing elements . The challenges I faced during the exercise was the line weight of the pipes because of that I was not able to see the connections properly so, I fixed it by changing the value of line weight in visibility graphics. And I decided to go with the general plumbing system rather than grey water.