Orlando Zambrano

Journal Entry For
Module 10 - Plumbing Systems

I have to say I enjoy plumbing not like HVAC.

I have a mechanical room behind the restrooms on Level 1, and that mechanical room repeats above on Level 2, but in that case its between the restrooms, That said my restrooms were stack, but the configuration of the mechanical rooms and the exact location of the restrooms was different on both levels.


Aiming to the EDGE certification I will have high efficient plumbing fixtures, with low water consumption, dual flushes for water closets and low flow faucets for sinks. I need to achieve 20% water consumption reduction to fulfill the water requirements.

My fixtures will be the following:

  • Urinal (2L per flush)
  • Dual-Flush Water Closets (5L first flush, 2L second flush)
  • Sinks with Low Flow faucets (2L / min)

Thanks for the fixtures specifications


On Level 1 I have a straight line for all my pipes, because the restrooms are next to each other.


On Level 2 I have the restrooms back to back, that's I couldn't share the same exact pipe for each restroom. This said, that was one of the difficulties on my model, because It wasn't as easy as coping and pasting the entire pipe design to the upper level. Another difficulty happened on one sanitary connection, were I have to draw the pipe from the water closet to the pipe, because it didn't want to auto connect.


Regarding the HVAC on my coordination view on BIM360, I think It can improve a lot my model, there were some Glulams intersecting with ducts.


My mechanical room works perfectly, on both levels, It even had no issues with the glulams that supports the second floor slab.


I noticed that the lavatory''s fixtures were located on Level 1 without any offset, that caused them to be hidden on the floor.