Aidana Korpebayeva

Journal Entry For
Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies

  • Design Goal: My goal is a building located in a continental climate, this means that building will have to be operated under extreme cold and hot temperatures. It is a big challenge in the city where I live, since we have -30 C in winter and +40 C in summer. I would like focus more in resedential buildings, since we already have many solutions to deal with public places, such as excibitions, sport arenas, bussiness centers.
  • Measure:  aplly LEED Project Checklist, but mainly focus on Ventilation (during summer), Heating (during Winter), considering new technologies to deal with seismic activity to reduce use of excess materials.
  • Targets:
    • minimally acceptable LEED silver
    • desired LEED Gold
  • Strategies:
    • Main design strategy is to explore materials, since it plays main role in building under these harsh temperatures. For example, materials that could keep building cold during summmer and warm during winter, windows.
    • Efficiently use sun heat, by using right location or by having open spaces, or using solar panels.