Chuanjing Hu

Journal Entry For
Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies

Design goals:

The goal is to design an exhibition space that also can be a relax space for the family in the community. The design should fit the idea of blend into the environment and use of sustainable and green design.

Buildable: Use more recycle or green material. Use the pre-fab material to reduce the cost if possible.

Usable: Since the building is an exhibition space the visual impact should be compatible and blend into environment. So, the building will not be too dominant but also give a community a “family place” feeling to the community.

Design Targets:

EUI to be less than the average EUI of U.S. West Coast data in 2020. Since our design goal is to blend into environment the targets also including reduce artificial lighting to 60% in day.

Design strategies:

Use windows or open mix open space like open roof to introduce natural daylighting. Combine green plants to cool the building to save the energy use of AC. It is important to let the people feel they are still in a natural environment when they are in the building. Plants like trees through the roof is one of the design idea.