Claire Smythe

Journal Entry For
Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies

Design Goals

Goal: Operations

This building is located in a coastal climate, this means the building will be exposed to stronger weathering and colder temperatures compared to miles inland. Additionally much of this area is protected by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. The jobsite itself isn't on protected land but construction needs to be mindful of the natural ecosystem.

Measure: LEED Project Checklist for Materials and Resources

Targets: Minimum 7 points, Target value 10 points.


Select materials that can stand strong weathering

Install suitable moisture barriers

Safely store and dispose of construction waste to not damage ecosystem

Understand the life-cycle of key materials to make designs on material early in design phase

Goal: Indoor Environmental Quality

Measure: CO2 levels, lumens per room

Targets: Minimally accepted value below 2000 ppm CO2, Target value below 1000 ppm CO2


Utilize coastal climate to aerate and cool rooms naturally.

Large windows/clerestory windows to bring in natural light

Goal: Sustainability - Energy Reduction

Measure: Comparison in energy consumed in operation of building vs. purchased energy.

Targets: Minimally accepted value, 30% of building energy from on-site renewables. Target value 50% of building energy from renewable energy.


Install solar panels onsite, large windows allowing in natural light to reduce energy consumption.