Dagny Carlsson

Journal Entry For
Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies
  • your design intent/goals

I would like to design an exhibition space for the CEE program at Stanford that will work in conjunction with SESI, Sustainable Energy System Innovations. The building will include a lecture hall for talks regarding science, and will go above and beyond to exemplify how buildings can even positively impact the environment around them. The design will include minimal paving so as to keep the ground permeability high, and no parking lot to encourage people to bike from the Stanford campus or walk.

Practically, we want to increase visitation and make our expenditures worth it, so I want to make it visually appealing and 'futuristic' so that visitors will come to look at the building itself and take photos.

  • the measures and targets that you’ll use

I will aim for LEED certification, gold or platinum.

  • the design strategies you’re considering as you think ahead

For this project, I'd like to look at typical buildings at Stanford, and the traditional building style of the area. I'd like to visit event spaces to see how they manage ventilation and displays, and consider what the Stanford community would get from this project.

Water is a major problem in California today, so perhaps looking at how other arid/low rainfall places manage their water would be an asset in this design process.