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Joshua Dimasaka

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Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies


  • Design Goal:
  • "To design a proposed Sustainable Built Environment and Learning and Exhibition Center that will serve as the main headquarters of the Philippine Space Agency located at Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone to decongest the traffic volume in the neighboring metropolitan Manila and to create opportunities in other provinces. This headquarter center will house the administration office and rooms, special lecture halls, exhibition space for arts related to astronomy, the environment, and disaster risk.
  • Measures:
  • Solar Energy Potential
    Ventilated / Open Space
    Natural lighting in the center while providing smooth air flow
    Use of engineered wood for gravity system design
    Use of seismic-dissipating lateral frame to reduce the design loads
  • Targets:
  • LEED Certification
  • Strategies:
  • Follow the specific goals described below.
    The ceiling height of the ground floor will be designed to accomodate air movement and trees planted.
    The perimeter area of the upper building floor will be the space for admisnitration office rooms.
    The lecture hall will be in the ground floor due to large loads.
    The exhibition space will be in the center of the entire building.


LEED v4 BD+C Sustainable Sites (SS) - 4 Points
  • Design Goal:
  • "To reduce pollution from construction activities by controlling soil erosion, waterway sedimentation, and airborne dust.; To assess site conditions before design to evaluate sustainable options and inform related decisions about site design; To create exterior open space that encourages interaction with the environment, social interaction, passive recreation, and physical activities.; To minimize effects on microclimates and human and wildlife habitats by reducing heat islands." (LEED v4)
  • Measures:
  • Note about construction activity pollution prevention
    Document a site condition assessment
    Open space
  • Targets: 4 Points
  • Strategies:
  • Required - This will not be reflected in the BIM model but the final deliverable will include a short note about construction activity pollution prevention.
    1 Point - Obtain typography, flood hazard maps, climate, vegetation, soil, and human use maps for prelim assessment
    1 Point - Provide outdoor space greater than or equal to 30% of the total site area (including building footprint). A minimum of 25% of that outdoor space must be vegetated (turf grass does not count as vegetation) or have an overhead vegetated canopy.
    2 Points -

LEED v4 BD+C Water Efficiency (WE) - 5 Points
  • Design Goal:
  • " To reduce outdoor water consumption. To reduce indoor water consumption. To support water management and identify opportunities for additional water savings by tracking water consumption." (LEED v4)
  • Measures:
  • Outdoor and Indoor Water Use
    Building Level Water Metering
  • Targets: 5 Points
  • Strategies:
  • Required - These are systems, and I would need to look at available suppliers of these systems to implement this. This might be given as design requirement and the contracts/developers will do the job!

    Let's set a 30% reduction.

    1 -Point BUILDING-LEVEL WATER METERING (Government-required)!

LEED v4 BD+C Materials and Resources (MR) - 5 Points
  • Design Goal: To use locally-sourced materials and recycled construction waste for the proposed first Sustainable Built Environment and Learning and Exhibition Center that will serve as the landmark headquarters of the Philippine Space Agency.
  • Measures:
  • Connected system of storage and collection of recyclables
    Note about Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning
    Demonstrate a minimum of 10% reduction and no 5% increase compared with the baseline building
    global warming potential (greenhouse gases), in kg CO2e
    depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer, in kg CFC-11
    acidification of land and water sources, in moles H+ or kg SO2
  • Targets: 5 points for MR
  • Strategies:
  • Required - Locate a space for storage and collection of recyclables
    2 Points - Required - Develop and implement a construction and demolition waste management plan

    *Note: This would not be reflected in my BIM model but I think I would just add a note for the owner to refer to a reference for the construction and demolition waste management plan

    3 Points - Perform a whole-building life cycle assessment