Sandro Boaro

Journal Entry For
Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies

Design Goal: Maximize Exterior Green Space (BUILDABLE)

My intent with this sustainability goal is to create a pull and tug between the site coverage area and the site area. I am planning on having my center located near Lake Sammamish in Redmond, Washington. The site is rather "hilly" and covered by a very lively ecosystem of semi-dense forests. I want to ensure that the building process respects the environment while also forcing the design to not be expansive in terms of site coverage.

Measure: Self-Imposed

Target: Minimum of 25% of allotted site coverage to be dedicated to greenspaces / natural environment awareness


Site testing with Geotechnical Engineers and Environmentalists

Generate a map outlining areas with the most abundant environmental activity to preserve

Design Goal: Energy Consumption (Sustainable / Operable)

Measure: Architecture 2030

Targets: Modified standard of having a minimum of 90% of operation demands be fueled by onsite renewable energy sources & Improvement of at least 35% from a generic benchmark building of the same size


Take advantage of solar collection systems: heat sinks / solar panels to preserve heating demands in colder winters

Site orientation to soak up the "least" harsh sunlight energy during operation hours of 9AM-9PM → try to avoid the harsh sun / heating effects to drastically change operations.