Yueli Liang

Journal Entry For
Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies
  • Design Goal:
    1. The first design goal come into my mind is to do a net zero energy exhibition hall. However, I think this is not enough for my ideal design since I am an environmental science and environmental engineering major focused on water, so I would also like to pursue a net zero water building as well. Although achieving these two goals are already challenge enough, the most important thing for this project is to be used by people. I don't want to create a sustainable building that no one want to be there, so I would like it to be a useful building provide healthy activities that people want to get involved in. At last, I want it to be educational to inspire the current and next generation in sustainability concepts.

    2. Net Zero goal in energy
    3. Net Zero goal in water
    4. Education in sustainability concepts
    5. Good use of spaces
  • Measure:  LEED rating system
  • Targets:
    • minimally acceptable value: 70% coverage
    • desired / target value: 100% coverage
  • Strategies:
    1. Solar panels
    2. A wetland on the roof treats wastewater for the building
    3. Reuse water in flushing toilets.
    4. Nice use of orientations, natural lightings.