Claire Smythe

Journal Entry For
Module 11 - Sharing Your Project


  • Key / Essential / Unique Design FeaturesI wanted to create a subtle addition to an already beautiful landscape. This meant creating a building that didn't stand out aggressively from the landscape and also allowed occupants within to appreciate the beauty. Natural light and outdoor spaces are a key part of this design, with large windows taking up much of the western façade and a large garden space in the center for visitors to cross over to the main exhibition space.
  • Your Big Successes -- I think the architectural model is the best feature of the project. With wide windows and a shape that folds around itself, it sets up the rest of the design models up.
  • Your Big Challenges -- The biggest challenges of the project were the structural and electrical systems. I believe some of the challenge was having a structural background, so I was very particular with how I wanted my design to work. In the electrical system, I had very large rooms which made applying power difficult, and I had minimal to know background, which meant I was learning more on the spot.
  • Lessons LearnedFrom this project, I believe deciding on key design characteristics, whether it's sharp angles or large windows or curving walls, should happen early and should be stuck with the entire project. The model will evolve and change over time, but if you keep your core design characteristics through the class, the final model will be able to express your intentions well. Additionally, making sure you have enough wall space for plumbing and HVAC installation is important when you are laying out your initial footprint.

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