Sandro Boaro

Journal Entry For
Module 11 - Sharing Your Project


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my final project that I have worked on throughout the quarter. I call it, Project I.R.I.S (Incredibly Realistic Immersion in Sustainability). Overall, I had a great time piecing together each component of a typical building array of files.

  • Key / Essential / Unique Design Features that you explored in your project.
  • My design relied heavily on the use and interaction with Mass Modeling. Given the limit amount of capabilities with sloped walls and harsh angles, I needed the masses to provide the extra final design marks.

    Another awesome feature of the Convention Center is what I like to call the terrarium space. I have essentially a north and south campus to my entire center. Sandwiched in between the two is a circular building designed to be a terrarium space of plants and environmental interaction such that every visitor can escape the traditional buildings where the outdoors is virtually cut off.

  • Your Big Successes
  • My biggest success is my fishbowl attachment to the front of my building. In front of my North Sloped wall, I have a curtain wall enclosed cube that serves as the entrance to the convention center, I had to carefully work with each individual glass panel such that I got the right amount of efficiency from the glass while also keeping true to it being completely visible glass.

  • Your Big Challenges
  • My biggest challenge while also being a highlight, was my sloped walls. I had difficulty creating cuts in the profiles of sloped walls in order to make room for structural columns and the sort. Inevitably, I was forced into creating the wall largely by sections and joining them afterwards. This had the adverse affect of limiting how "clash free" my columns and walls were on the north side of the building. Essentially, I had done so many calculations and trial and errors but I just could not get the slanted column to completely hide behind the sloped wall.

  • Lessons Learned
  • Looking back, I think I would have very much made my design a single, large story height convention center instead of the multi-level and campus buildings presented here today. Simplicity goes a long way and I believe that although a one-story convention center does have some visual drawbacks in addition to space restrictions, I would have seriously saved some time working with the minutia that I did, thereby allowing me to better detail each individual aspect of the building.

    HVAC is very much a pain in the rear end. I was fighting my model on numerous levels as I struggled to merge systems with varying size in ductwork. Although they looked connected, a simple systems inspector, unfortunately, told me I needed to go back to the drawing board.

Video Presentation / Tour of Your Project Features

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Welcome to: PROJECT I.R.I.S

Immersion Awaits

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