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Module 11 - Sharing Your Project




Key / Essential / Unique Design Features:

  • To follow a precedent (the MahanNakhon Tower - Bangkok, Thailand) and understand how designers created its systems to intertwine together to create a beautiful skyscraper that solved a problem of overpopulation in a growing metropolis.
  • The "Pixilation" effect known as a 3D ribbon that wraps around the building
  • Designing a tower that dealt with a crowded space in New York and being able to adapt to such a small floor to ceiling ratio of 11ft
  • Designing multiple different units (and their variations) to create a concrete floorplan that evolves around a stable structural outline and grid
  • Having the ability in Revit to create a unit from scratch and incorporate that file into another one. Then use that collaboration and Nest it into a larger model. This is helpful because when you edit a part in one simple unit and save - you can see instant changes in the highest model
  • Units extruding in and out - balconies, and terraces formed so people can walk out and be with nature or have a nice natural protection from wind or the sun

Positives and Successes:

  • Learned how to collaborate using the cloud in BIM 360
    • Learned how to collaborate using the cloud in BIM 360
    • Collaborated with other people
  • Modelled and analyzed the main trades
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Created a skyscraper consisting of a complex, nested system
  • Hands-on experience with visibility graphics allowed me to improve this skill
  • Became more aware of the great importance of the trades when designing the building

Challenges and Lessons Learned:

  • Make sure that you plan out multiple units ahead of time
  • Allow extra time to model and deal with IT issues
  • Make sure you understand what you are coordinating and collaborating before you put it online. There is a whole process for this. Do not move forward unless you understand and follow this process.
  • Make sure you leave enough room when designing architectural spaces for the other engineering trades.
  • Recognize your floor to ceiling height and that it fits the engineering trades as well as the architectural walls
  • Use your Insight for reference when needed

Video Presentation / Tour of Your Project Features:

PowerPoint Presentation:

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***My project was designed mainly on BIM 360 by the use of collaboration through the cloud so after design journal 4 the others were not created. My work was simply checked through BIM 360.***

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Thank you Glenn for teaching me all this amazing BIM material. I learned so much!