Aidana Korpebayeva

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

Your Design Journal entries this week should highlight your design thinking about:


I had trouble with installing Robot Structural Analysis. However, I do know what could I have done differently if I start again. Depends on the code requierements and either it is seismic are or not I have experinece choosing structural elements. I have worked with totally different programs to analyze models (such as Lira Sapr), have worked shortly with Etabs and will try to do Robot Analutics again with different model.

I would use diagonal braces and make the tallest part of the building shorter, or add the level there or balcony. However, overall, the 25 ft and 22 ft span are stif system. Moreover, the wavy shape of the building if you locate it correctly based on the location of the faults will damp nicely.