AnaClare Sole

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

For my 3 beam cases, I chose the beams in my design that are the longest. All beams are 14x33 steel beams and the columns are 14x30.

The lengths of the beams are as follows:

Beam 1: 30.4’

Beam 2: 24’

Beam 3: 28.3’

For both beam 1 and 3, I used a load of 0.0500 ksf. For beam 2, I used a load of 0.0300 ksf. This is because above beam 1 and 3, I expect there to be people on the green roof (directly above these beams) while for above beam 2, this area will only have loads of the roof. For beam 2, which exists in an exhibit space, there is an atrium. So, I expect to have some structural challenges with hiding the beams as much as possible.

In terms of my HVAC system, I am not too worried about the space available because my proposed design model is only 1 story (the second story is green roof). Thus, there will be available space above beams for HVAC systems.