Charlie Ekstrom

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Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

I chose to analyze three of the main beams that act as the supports on the roof of the lower level of my semi-tiered structure, as these are the longest beams and need the most testing/support checks. Each spans 92'0" in length, with supporting columns at 0'0" from the first edge, 32'0" from the first edge, 60'0" from the first edge, and 92'0" from the first edge. I think that the most important thing to look at in the stress test is how the beams react in the system, because while it is good to note individual stress tests, the real question I have is if the building system works and passes the stress tests. The beam system as well as pattern/layout of my current structure is definitely situated in a manner that would work with my intended heating and cooling system, so I am optimistic about the beams working with the stress tests as well. As it is should work almost perfectly with my planned heating and cooling systems, so I am looking forward to playing with this configuration of systems in the next module!

One thing I have been playing with in my design is a sloped roof, and in this particular stress test I wanted to see how the beams would function as a slightly slanted/sloped situation, as this seems like it would cause a different reaction than a flat roof or structured beam support system.

link to BIM model: