Claire Smythe

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

Current Loads:

1st Floor: 50 DL + 150 LL

2nd Floor: 50 DL + 50 LL

Members to focus on: Lobby members.

These members have a much larger span than the others beams do so I will need to check the sizing here.


The first thing I noticed was that there was a large deflection on Beam 8. This beam spans ~48 feet so it makes sense it would dip if undersized. The deflection was about 7" so we needed to find a larger member. We also looked into resizing the other members in this load case as well.

Final Results:

Beam #8 W14x30 ⇒ W14x90 (increase in weight)

Beam #9 & 10 W12x26 ⇒ W10x33 (decrease in height but increase in weight)

Beam #6 & 7 W12x26 ⇒ W12x58 (increase in weight)

Worked with Glenn during Check-In Week 9 (confirmed only needed to do 1 case b/c currently cannot download software on computer).