Daphne Jacobsberg

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

Having a 1-story building made this module harder and easier at the same time.

Rather than accounting for stories above, I had to model the roof dead and live loads. This made it easier as those are smaller and therefore require less strength from my design.

Additionally, since my structure material is concrete, I was able to go up to the point of exporting my model into Robot and viewing analysis diagrams but not the calculations (that said I do not think they would be a problem due to lower loads).

As for the HVAC system (next module) I am not worried about space because since the start I am designing with Level 2 at 16' which should (hopefully) allow plenty of space.

Here are some screenshots of the three cases I tested out.

Case 1:

(longest beam within beam systems so close to others (small tributary area) but longest)


Case 2:

(intersecting beams above exhibition space)


Case 3:

(common beam with average length)