Dimpy Sanduja

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

Your Design Journal entries this week should highlight your design thinking about:

  • the sizes of the three critical beam test case framing elements
  • any special structural challenges
  • how you expect the computed beam sizes will affect the space available for your HVAC design elements in the next module

In my structure analysis I chose the longest beams in my design. All the columns and beams are of steel and the location of these beams are where there will be live load.

As in case-1  toilets and case-2 near atrium lobby there will be more load as compare to the case-3 terrace that area will not be that crowded.

As for HVAC system I am not sure I am correct or not  but I have a floor to floor height is 14 ft. and the span of beams is also long ,so there will be enough available space above beams for HVAC systems.


Beam Type:         W Shapes Steel W12X79

Beam Location:  Toilets

Beam Span:         50 ft

Live Load:            -0.800 kip/ft



Beam Type:          W Shapes Steel W14X30

Beam Location:    Terrace (Level-1)

Beam Span:           52 ft

Live Load:             -0.030 kip/ft



Beam Type:         W Shapes Steel W12X26

Beam Location:   Atrium Lobby (Level-2)

Beam Span:         27 ft

Live load:            -0.500 kip/ft